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Mar-01, 2003 | Bikini Girl of the Week - Nicole Ricca
Nicole Ricca
If you haven't heard of or seen this beauty in any number of the more popular rap videos, you must have been 'living in a cave'. A true island girl, Nicole Ricca was born in Jamaica and migrated to the USA when she was only five. She's had numerous appearances in music videos, high-profile magazines and various media events & promotions. And now, she's live online with lots more news and pics. Check out her new site: Nicole-Ricca.Net.

Elegance @ Jamaican X-RatedWhat Else A Gwan:
Massive update just happened in the members section at Jamaica Movie World. As usual, our bikini girls newsletter features a free exclusive from this update. To the right is Miss 'Elegance'. Another new recruit in their seemingly never-ending camp of Jamaican girls; click the sample photo to zoom in on this sexy lady.

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